Feb 18

Suggested Keep the Connection Topics:

Week One:

1. Orientation and introduction to the program 
2. Parents and group leader will exchange their expectations and concerns

Week Two:

Defining respect: What is it? What isn’t it? How to apply respect to current concerns

  1. How to get respect from children.
  2. How to treat children as equals in their human rights.

Week Three:
1.   Learn to listen and Listen to learn. 
2.   What parents can learn by paying attention to their children. 
3.   How to read behavior.

Week Four:

  1. Mutual respect for boundaries.
  2. Why parents lose control and how they can get it back.
  3. How to buy time before reacting to difficult situations.
  4. Obedience vs cooperation

Week Five:

How to help children develop their own coping skills and take responsibility for solving problems.

  1. What is a mistake?
  2. How to prevent past experiences and future worries from affecting the present.

Week Six:

1.  How to strengthen children's resistance to outside harmful influences.
2.  How to help children develop self-esteem and build their intuition.
3.  How to motivate children to do their best.

Week Seven:

1.  Compassion/Empathy/Sympathy 
2.  Keys to lasting connectedness

Week Eight:

1. Believe in yourself.
2. Evaluations.