Feb 18
Comments by Parents:

"Her words encourage, affirm, and guide me."  Jill

"Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences with us. It truly makes a difference in my daily life. Your words stay with me throughout the day and strengthen my resolve to be the best mother I can be!"    Cynthia


  • "The KEEP THE CONNECTION WORKGROUP is a parenting group where we come together and very practically talk about how to deal with each of our children in their unique situations with the most dignity and respect."       Sara

  • "About fifteen years ago I joined one of Molly's parent education groups. It was a safe place to  discuss our parenting concerns and where we could learn and grow. A group of about 5 or so women came together week after enlightening week in the comfort of Molly’s home, sitting around her dining room table discussing the ways in which our children were driving us crazy!  We laughed, we cried, and we bonded. But most importantly we learned a new way of being.  We also learned a new dialect for the English language. The interesting part was that the vocabulary stayed the same; we just learned to use it differently!  We went from talking at our children with demands and criticisms (in a language that had no meaning to them) to talking with our children in a language we could BOTH understand.  It is the language of compassion and respect.

  • "Week after week I came back to learn and to grow. Gradually my children and I started relating differently—we were connecting with each other in a way that brought joy to all of us.  I have to be honest with you, at first one of my children had a very hard time as I was awkwardly learning this new language, trying to figure out how to apply it to each challenging situation.  In time, the language became my own.  The most rewarding part is now my children, 23 and 27, have been using that same language with me, their family and friends!  They speak to me and to others with the same kind, compassionate and understanding voice that we all long to hear, especially from our children.  I have recently become a grandparent and marvel at the way my very young grandchildren are learning respectful and compassionate speech as a first language!!  Keeping The Connection is the perfect title for her groups—my children, grandchildren, and I (along with my husband) are living a life true to the goal of respect—we are deeply connected in a way that we are free to be ourselves, to take risks, and to learn from our mistakes. The wisdom I absorbed from the group is far-reaching and multigenerational!!     Cheryl

  • With their permission, the following are excerpts from the journals of parents of children in the Commodore John Rodgers Elementary School, Baltimore City.

  • "As a parent, we need to listen to what our kids have to say.  . . . I ask my kids how was your day and the next day I ask their teachers how they were in school.  . . . We never know how it will make a child feel when parents take the initiative to hear what they have to say.  My goal is to be reliable, responsible and respectful to my kids.  In order for my kids to give respect, they need to get it. Through the help of my family, children, father, church members, and most of all attending the workshop has helped me keep the connection. I am also learning how to have compassion.  Compassion is to have feelings for one another.  . . . Today's children are our future.

  • "As a parent, my goal is to show kindness to my kids by letting them express themselves.  When they do good, I praise them.  Also as a parent, I am willing and eager to hear what they have to say.  Communication is very powerful in a family relationship.  When we communicate it shows how our children feel.  I am so thankful for having two precious kids that God has blessed me with.  I can truly say I am learning how to keep the connection.
  • "This class has helped me keep the connection.  First of all, I used to beat my children for every little thing that they do.  . . . Now when they do something wrong, I let them tell me what happened.  I tell them we all make mistakes.  Every morning before we leave the house, each one takes a turn to pray because we never know what will occur during the course of that day.
    P - we have to have patience with our children
    A - accept them and be eager to hear them
    R - respect each other
    E - we need enduranceN - we have to see the child's need
    T - be trustworthy"

  • "In the Keep the Connection Workshop, I learned how to listen and how to listen to learn. And I learned how to get to know my child's inner self and to bring it out; and that children have equal rights, and to be a good role model; to have compassion and that our common humanity connects us one to another.  We need to accept and trust our children and to pay attention to them.  We have to respect their boundaries and praise them when they do something right.  A good time to teach is at bedtime, a quiet time in the child's room where you can get all the anger out that happened early in the day.  Thank you Molly for teaching me how to be a better parent.  I hope you will have [another group]  next year at Commodore John Rodgers School and I will be there."    Angel
  • "Doing the weeks of the workshops, we learned a number of things, or I should say, Ms. Molly brought iout the information in us that we already know, but she helped us put it all to good use.  We learned to listen to one another's thoughts asnd feelings, and we respected each other, and that is what we need to keep the connection.
  • One of the most important things is giving respect, because once you give it, you get it. Our children are on loan and in that time we should let them grow into their own persons, by listening with our hearts and not our minds, because they are people too!  . . . I will always remember that I was a child once and if our parents had gotten the information that we received in these few weeks a lot of our children and ourselves would be happier people. When the workshop is over I will continue to influence parents and children everywhere with the information that I received from Molly Koch." Karen
  • ". . .No longer do I have to repeat the destructive actions that [would] hinder my children from developing into responsible, independent, strong, creative persons.  My children are on different levels so I now know I need flexibility with each one. I will continue to . . . provide support as they grow in their independence and self-confidence.  In all that I show, I want my love to be felt and to show in all I do with and for them."    Jennifer