Feb 18


The goal of the KEEP THE CONNECTION WORKSHOPSsm for Parents and Other Caregivers is to strengthen the family and especially, the adult-child relationship. Strong family ties endure keeping parents and children significant persons to each other throughout their lives. Moreover, it is the relationship that will prevent the kind of alienation that push children into joining gangs or cults or yielding to any other destructive influences.

The program in Baltimore public schools encourages parents to advocate for themselves and for their children.

The Program:

Each 90 minute session in the eight-week program is based on topics covered in 27 Secrets to Raising Amazing Children.

In a warm, respectful, non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere, trained facilitators bring out the parents' own high values and learn how to apply them to their everyday interactions with their children. (The stresses, strains and struggles of daily living cause parents to lose sight of their  goals for their children and as a result, they just react, or overreact to their behavior. With the support and good ideas from the other participants and the facilitator, parents get back on track to achieve their hopes and dreams for their children.)

In KEEP THE CONNECTION WORKSHOPS, parents receive the utmost respect, compassion, and understanding. As a result, they become capable of giving to their children what has been given to them. Feeling respected themselves, they can appreciate what their children would feel if they were respected; having received compassion, they would know what compassion would mean to their children, and having been understood, they realize how their children would cherish being understood. Additionally, they are equipped with new skills and insights and feel empowered with their new-found self-respect and higher self-esteem.  Facilitators' demonstrate the very values the parents hold dear and thus, the parents see how to apply them in their relationships with their children.

Some participants who complete the eight-week program become eligible to train as facilitators in their schools.