Jan 18

The following are credited with the images found throughout our site.

From stockxchng.com:

Two Young men, Favorite Cousins, : http://www.sxc.hu/profile/anissat :image IDs 582738,472042

Two kids in tree : http://www.sxc.hu/profile/hortongrou : image ID 653653

Two young campers: http://www.garrisonphoto.org/sxc: image ID 1085501

sunset joy photogaph by Vivek Chugh

thoughtful teen photo by Adrian Boca

big fun huddle   photo by shawn himmelberger

girl in headphones phto by Julia Freeman-Woolpert

hand on forehead photo ("Me") by mtbrg

Dad Reading photo by Stacy Braswell

Other images used throughout the site were contributed by friends and supporter of Molly B. Koch and Keep the Connections Workshops.

Images are copyrighted by their respective owners who reserve all licencing rights.

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